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Fleur du Jour in France means the flower of the day!

Our love for flowers make us to imagine different kinds of flower arrangements for every situation of your life with the flowers of every day and more. Our passion became bigger and bigger after the end of every event which we coordinate.

Me and my team can coordinate and decorate your event with love and passion. We work in natural places like lakes and country stile slides and of course in luxury places like hotels, villas , ships…

Additionally we organize luxury events in Greek Islands. We promise for your best smile as our award!

Foreal is a multipurpose theme with rich features and unique layout that stands out majestically…


Fleur du Jour is a premium wedding planning company!

Creative Design

Always in communication with you, we choose the best and most fantastic decoration!


With more than 20 years of experience, you can rely on us for the wedding of your dreams.


We take care of your stay and your guests in the best hotels in Greece!

Lots of Features

We can find for you the best Dj’s, Caterings, Transportation Companies and other wedding properties!

Wedding Services

Flower Designing

Flowers are our love. With our experience, we recommend the best choices for your event!

Creative Special Settings

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Take a look of some awesome wedding ceremonies...