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Is there a minimum cost for a wedding decoration?

Certainly not.The services we provide to our clients are unique and tailored made for their requirements. Our future couples, with the help of trained specialists, always choose the types of flower arrangements and varieties of them which can be used to decorate their special day. Then we cost them and we discuss the proper budget without underestimating any of our creative benefits.

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Will we see a live presentation of the samples from the flower arrangements of our choice?

Of course.We love our work very much and we are very proud to present it to you constantly. After deciding on the type of floral arrangements , the next step is to prepare and make their choice a reality.

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Why does live sampling help?

Live sampling is one of the most important benefits of our company.We help the couple understand the technique of flowering, how the colours of flowers blend together and of course the abundance of materials like glass ,vases we can to support for our flower arrangements.

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What do I need to have with my wedding floral designer in my first date?

Whatever inspires you.The decoration of an event is based on the details and very specific information that the couple receives daily.Photos from the church and the reception area and what the couple does not like, so that we can divert them.

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What is the best season for the flowers I have to choose for my wedding?

Flowers are our life, so don’t worry about which flowers to choose. We will be happy to give you flowers based on choices that will make you feel beautiful. So we prefer seasonal flowers because we respect nature and have lower cost.But if you prefer a flower that is out of season, of course we have the opportunity to import it from abroad.

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Do you work with other professionals hired for the wedding day?

Of course, we are very happy to work with the partners you have selected.We all have a huge common goal. An unforgettable wedding, yours.

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How long before we should make our first contact with specialists?

At least 6 months before the wedding day, the couple should visit the specialist wedding floral designers. The summer months are in pick season. So we will find a date available for our cooperation.

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How long does an appointment with the wedding floral designer last?

Most of our appointments last about an hour. Appointments for small weddings may take less, but for much larger events we will definitely need much more planning time.

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Do the couple need to rent a decoration equipment?

In addition to our dreamy floral arrangements, we provide the couple with all the decorating materials they will need for a magical effect.Such as glazes, stands, candlesticks, candles, arches etc.

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Why choose the company fleur du jour-Wedding floral design for our wedding decoration?

Our many years of experience have taught us that our job is a constantly progress.Of course, we love our work so much and every single customer occupies an important place in our heart.Our continuous training and recognition of our work offers us another motivation to become better and better.We are waiting for you to show you a different picture of the expression ‘wedding decoration’.